Power Of Pads is run by four UK based Trustees and we’re committed to helping girls access reusable period pads and offer women the opportunity to start period pad-making projects and businesses.

Two of our Trustees were previously involved in another charitable project, financially supporting a healthcare clinic in rural western Kenya where thousands of people were treated over the course of fifteen years.

A few years ago they started a small pilot project, providing washable reusable period pads to girls there. The pads were made by volunteers in the UK and taken by the Trustees and hand delivered to schoolgirls most in need. Following the success of this project and the obvious huge demand for pads, we developed our efforts into our work at Power Of Pads. The pads are now made in the local communities in Kenya and distributed to the most needy girls. 

Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Our vision

A world without period poverty

Our mission

To end period poverty by providing sanitary products and start up business funding, with the aim of improving educational outcomes, increasing empowerment and achieving financial independence for girls and women

Our guiding principles

  • girls and women are at the heart of what we do and we will be guided and informed by their real needs 
  • we can make a bigger difference if we work in partnership with individuals and organisations 
  • we’re open, honest and pragmatic about our activities
  • by providing support we can help foster long term sustainability in local communities


We have four Trustees and all are based in the South West of the UK. We have a huge amount of healthcare experience in the UK and Kenya, and extensive business experience. We have no staff so the Trustees do all of the work associated with running our charity, voluntarily of course.

Sallie Buck

Sallie trained in London as a nurse and then as a midwife and she specialised in primary care training as a nurse practitioner. Having taken early retirement she worked in disaster zones around the world as a ShelterBox Response Team volunteer. In her spare team she is a devoted grandmother.

Gilly Sowden

Gilly is the Chair of Trustees and ran her own company for many years. She now works for a charity in the UK that supports victims of abuse. She was inspired to get involved with POP after learning about the huge direct impact that the charity’s efforts have on girls and communities in rural Kenya.

Rachel Fowler

Rachel is a qualified solicitor and has worked in London and offshore. She has previously worked with a variety of different charities including providing pro bono advice to trafficking victims, assisting with grant applications and most recently as a delivery driver for a local food bank.

Mark Chambers

Mark is our Treasurer and was Operations Director for a Health Insurance Company. He is also a qualified accountant. He has worked with a charity that supports children in Bangalore, and through the Princes Trust, he also mentors and provides financial guidance to young people.

If you would like a copy of our latest annual report please email us at info@powerofpads.com.

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