If as a business or organisation you’re serious about making a significant difference to girls and womens’ lives, then we believe we have a compelling proposition for you. Through our work girls can access education every day and women can become financially independent.

We’re a small charity but we make a big impact, very cost effectively, in the communities that we work. This combined with the fact that 100% of donations goes directly to the work we do, means that you know your support is not being used to cover administration costs but is actually making a real difference.

What your support will do

There are many ways your financial support will be hugely beneficial to us: regular donations, which are vital, will give us finance to seed fund small pad making businesses and it will allow us to buy pads from the businesses so that we can give to schoolgirls in need, for free.

Corporate and Employee Engagement

If you partner with us we’ll want to build a close relationship with you, keep you updated on all our developments and involve you in the work we do. This is true for both here in the UK as we raise funds and awareness for our charity and also in Kenya as we deliver our services. This could include promoting your business across our social media platforms and marketing activities and also welcoming your employees to volunteer for us by making reusable pads or helping us improve our operations. We’re always on the lookout for great ideas.

Charity Partner

If you are a charity already working in Kenya or work in the area of girls and women’s health, education or empowerment we’d love to hear from you. We’re keen to ensure we reach and help girls and women most in need and that our financial help and pad donations really are successful. We believe we can be even stronger working in partnership with other organisations and together can deliver better outcomes. So if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Our Partners

The Mate Foundation helps to transform the lives of communities by initiating and supporting projects which inform, empower and enhance people’s dignity. This organisation exists to strengthen the capacity of local communities to solve problems revolving around education, environment and climate change and sustainable livelihoods. So it is a perfect partner for POP as we are working together to support local women gain skills in sewing and making pads which are then distributed to local girls, alongside the delivery of Menstrual Hygiene Education.

Agatha Amani House is a grass roots safe home for women who are victims of sexual and domestic violence and abuse. It is the first safe home of its kind in Kenya where women and their children can not only find immediate safety from an abusive situation but can stay for a longer period of time to learn new skills that will enable them to find jobs and become independent.​ POP is delighted to partner with AAH to establish a pads programme where women residents have been trained in sewing skills and making pads, thus empowering them with life skills. These have then been distributed to local girls enabling them to stay in school.

Busia and Kakamega Women’s Groups are two groups of local women who make and deliver pads in very poor rural communities of Kenya. Working with our partner Simon Achieno, he has been able to buy sewing machines and fabric, and supervise the training of women in pattern cutting and sewing skills, and they have personally delivered the pads to year groups of schoolgirls.

Widows and Orphans in Rural Kenya  (WORK) is a UK based charity that is dedicated to helping people to become self-sufficient by supporting education, training and healthcare for widows and orphans. We are working together to identify those girls most in need and supplying them with reusable pads that have been made by widows and young adults in the community. It means that those vulnerable girls are able to go to school each day, making a huge difference to their life chances.


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