Jo visits in July 2009

29th March 2011

On this occasion, Jo visited Buburi on her own and although everything appeared the same on the surface, the clinic was not thriving quite the same as it had been on past visits with very few patients attending. This was concerning and there was uncertainty as to the cause.

At this time four members of staff were employed, Rose, Jedidah, Coletta and Eunice. Jo noticed that the people attending did not seem to be the very poorest from the community and a decision was made to review costs for patients. The stock of Artefan (treatment for Malaria) and other essential medication had run out and was not being reordered as it should have been. Jo replaced large stocks of Artefan to try and prevent this from happening again.

It was very clear that the staff at Buburi required more frequent support especially in respect of managing the clinic and ensuring good supplies of medication. As a result the UK Team decided to try and split their visits to Buburi to try and spread their support over the year with three visits as opposed to only one.

The first report was compiled.

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