UK Team visit March 2010

29th March 2011

Jo was accompanied by her sister Joy on this visit. The difference in the clinic from the visit in July 2009 was quite amazing. Most days the nurses were seeing over 100 patients! We were not entirely sure why so many more patients were attending but thought it maybe due to a combination of reasons to do with lowered costs for patients and the employment of Oda. She was continuing to have a very positive impact on the clinic and the patients held her in great respect. We asked her to take on the role of Team Leader. Rose had just returned from Maternity Leave, leaving her baby son Emmanuel with her family. This was clearly difficult for her but her salary was so important as it was used to support her whole family. We spent every evening by torchlight collecting essential data from the daily logs, checking on the numbers of patients seen, numbers of children under 5 with Malaria and the money collected and banked. We made some managerial changes as a result and advised banking weekly to try and ensure the nurses were less vulnerable.

Noreen and Penny on their visit in January had recruited some volunteers to help spread awareness within the community on Health related issues. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with Rose, giving their first teaching session on Prevention of Malaria and the importance of treating nets. Rose proved a natural teacher and was appointed as Head of the Volunteers.

With the employment of Oda we were now paying salaries for five members of staff; Oda, Rose, Jedidah, Coletta and Eunice. We had bought many pairs of used and new spectacles and these proved very popular amongst the people of Buburi.

Joy’s input was such a huge success on this visit and she was so inspired by the people of Buburi and the work going on at the clinic that we invited her to join our team. We were thrilled and delighted that she accepted.


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