Sunday Lunch in Buburi

8th May 2011

Today the weather is fine and lots of us will spark up the barbecue for some al fresco dining. Perhaps chicken, a few sausages or a veggie burger served with salad and garlic bread and washed down with a cold glass of something alcoholic.

Lunch and dinner, today and everyday in Buburi will consist of Ugali. This national dish is made from ground Cassava or Millet cooked with water until it forms a glutinous ball and traditionally cooked in a large pot over a fire. This  can be eaten with Sukumu Wiki (fresh greens, a little like spring greens or spinach) or gravy made from tomatoes and onions. Some fish from Lake Victoria, or beans, may provide the protein on a good day, but not every day. Meat is expensive and generally for special occasions only, perhaps a wedding or a funeral or christmas.

This dish is called different names in other African countries but remains a basic staple.

Check out these videos on You Tube to give you a flavour!

How to make Ugali

Eating Ugali!

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