News: Volunteers head to Buburi

22nd August 2011

The Friends of Buburi clinic will get a welcome arrival today as a group of volunteers join Noreen for a three week trip.

Noreen flew out with Jack Marchant from Heathrow last night, laden down with a bag load of spectacles and rehydration spoons donated to the charity in the last few weeks.

Jack is a Healthcare Assistant from Exeter – he and Noreen will be joined en route by Ben Bushell a friend of the charity who has in recent weeks, been travelling Tanzania as part of a permaculture project.

Next week, they will be joined by a fourth volunteer, Kate Blahe, a Paediatric Nurse from London who has recently graduated from the London School of Tropical Medicine.

The team want to thank all their friends and colleagues for their support in the run up to this trip.

Watch out for more updates from the team on how they got on, when they arrive back on 11 September!

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