Interview with volunteer Tony Dale

11th April 2014

Tony accompanied Sallie on her recent visit to Buburi.  Tony is a successful businessman from Truro, Cornwall and although retired has a lot of energy and a will to help those less fortunate than himself. This was his first visit to the clinic and so was unsure what to expect. He said ‘the reality was emotionally challenging, people turning up with so many different conditions that without effective treatment could be fatal’. He was struck by the poverty that is the norm in the area. Most communities don’t have electricity and so a simple thing, like a fridge that we take for granted, is not an option for them.

He felt that the services provided by the clinic were fantastic and had nothing but praise for the staff who offer the best service with such basic amenities. He found it difficut at times to comprehend that these people live with none of the emergency services that we expect, such as ambulance and fire service.

He said “I am so impressed with the children who really want to go to school to learn and change the way they live, but who live in absolute poverty and yet still have to pay for their education’.

Tony was not just an observer on this trip, he helped Charlie our young handyman, to decorate the laboratory, waiting room and consultation room making these rooms much more pleasant to work in. Thank you Tony for your support and encouragement.



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