Supporters of Friends of Buburi

2nd March 2015

Dr Jamie Fagg and Serena Luchenski, who are both involved in public health, were married 15 months ago, they had a fantastic honeymoon in Kenya and after their week on the coast followed by a safari they decided to take it one step further and  visit Buburi Clinic. Over the following 3 weeks undertook a Health Needs Assessment. They looked at the health of the population in and around Buburi and compared it with the rest of Kenya. They interviewed patients, staff, community health workers, committee members, local community leaders,  public health, other NGO’s and trustees. They have made many recommendations that we are already part way to achieving but they also discovered  that the community depend on our clinic to supply good quality health care that is both reliable and affordable.

As a charity we are so grateful to people like Jamie and Serena who have skills that we do not possess. This Health Needs Assessment forms the basis of our plans over the next 4 years and may support us in our application for grants. Thank you Jamie and Serena for being such staunch supporters of Friends of Buburi.

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