Malaria is still a global threat

25th October 2015

These two little children have high levels of Falciparum Malaria parasites in their blood and were at extremely high risk of dying or getting severe complications from this highly dangerous form of Malaria. Both these children are amongst the lucky ones in Subsaharan Africa and were able to get quick access to Buburi clinic and receive an accurate  diagnosis with thanks  to the in house Laboratory and the correct treatment and have made a full recovery.

Many thousands of children are still at high risk from dying from Malaria and its so important that we keep up the fight against this killer by helping to support measures to reduce poverty as deaths from Malaria is strongly correlated with poverty and poor living conditions. Thank you to all our supporters for helping friends of Buburi support the work going on in Buburi, Western Kenya   High levels of parasites in blood - reduced

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