Community Health Workers

31st October 2015

The Community Health Workers at Buburi Community Clinic are a vital link with families living within the community. The Community Health Workers are dedicated to helping and supporting their communities. They often walk miles in the heat of the day or in torrential down pours to reach isolated families. They bring support, friendship and help to these families explaining to them about the prevention of disease such as using mosquito nets and clean water. They check on the frail and elderly ensuring they are getting sufficient to eat and remaining well. They support new mum’s with their babies advising on breast feeding, weaning and immunisation. Their part in the whole scheme of improving health is absolutely essential, they are trusted and valued by the people and play such an important role in the provision of improving health and social care. Yet they work for free as volunteers for their community. Buburi owes them a huge debt of gratitude for their sacrifice for others.

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