World AIDS Day

1st December 2016

Now in Africa being HIV positive is not the death sentence that it once was. Many people die with their HIV rather than die because of it. Thanks in part to The Gates Foundation treatment is now free, and knowing your status is very important. If you are HIV positive and you take your ante retroviral therapy regularly you can lead a full and active life. So, encouraging people to be tested is a central part of managing the disease.

On this World AIDS Day it is the perfect time to let you know that the Buburi Community Clinic now has a Peer Educator called Esther Wesonga (in the photo above). She is HIV positive and has known this for 10 years. She is fit and healthy and has two thriving children that are HIV negative. She is expecting her third child in January and continues to look the picture of health. Esther’s role at Buburi will be to work with the community and encourage them to come to the clinic and be counselled and tested by Henry, our HIV Counsellor. She will also be a visual example of how knowing your status can allow you to live positively and with hope for the future.

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