Buburi helps to beat Jiggers!

18th January 2017

Great news! There has been a tremendous improvement in the number of children at the local orphanage, Uzima Orphan Centre, needing treatment for Jiggers. Jiggers is a very painful parasitic infestation by a sand flea and causes the children distress, infection and difficulty walking. It is a disease of poverty and is inextricably linked to poor living conditions, walking barefoot and poor hygiene. All of the children at Uzima, as well as the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Buburi community, receive free healthcare at Buburi Clinic, through the Clinic’s Social Fund. When Friends of Buburi trustees visited Uzima a few years ago, over a third of the children were found to have Jiggers, which have now been treated. We are delighted to report that with regular foot checks and treatment, and with shoes provided by the support of the charity Uzima in our Hands, only 10 of the 290 children now require treatment. Thank you everyone for your support and making a real difference to the lives of these children.

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