Celebrating World Health Day

7th April 2017

World Health Day, celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO), provides us with a unique opportunity to highlight health topics of concern for people in other parts of the world. Of course, health means different things to different people depending on where you live. In the western world it can mean eating superfoods and working out in the gym in a conscious effort to remain fit and healthy. We’re lucky to have relatively good health in the UK because of our National Health Service and decent education.

However in a resource poor country such as Kenya good health means being able to access a facility such as Buburi Health Clinic where patients will be treated appropriately for Malaria, Typhoid or a number of other common infections. Babies are born in a clean safe environment and have a good start in life because of attentive ante natal care by caring professionals and they will be immunised against deadly diseases. HIV positive patients are educated, supported and treated with kindness which helps them to live a healthy and productive life, something they thought was not possible. The poorest and most vulnerable in the local community, often orphans and the elderly, are cared for even though they cannot pay.

The dedicated Community Health Workers attached to Buburi Clinic offer daily education and vital teaching about hygiene and sanitation, preventable diseases, and the importance of recognising your sick neighbour and referring her/him to the clinic for help.

The Clinic offers a lifeline to all who attend and continues to do so with the help and support of others more fortunate in the world.

Happy World Health Day!


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