100 Friends Saving Thousands of Lives

1st June 2017

It’s incredible how a small amount of money goes a very long way in Buburi, rural Kenya. So we are launching our  100 Friends Campaign to help us provide vital ongoing health services to the local community from our Healthcare Clinic. If you watch our video below you’ll see why your regular donations are so important and the massive impact you can have on women like Lisha and her family……..as easily as reaching out to a friend.

We’re aiming to encourage 100 people like you to give £10 a month and you will be one of our 100 Friends.

What can you do with £10?

  • provide a safe birth pack for a pregnant woman in Buburi or buy two glossy magazines in the UK
  • treat 40 children for Malaria or buy a cinema ticket
  • treat 1 adult for Typhoid or buy four cups of coffee
  • pay a Nurse/Midwife for a day or buy a bottle of wine

Be one of our 100 Friends and you will help to save thousands of lives month after month. Please donate today. Thank you.

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