Top 10 Things I Loved about Buburi

10th November 2017

It’s been over two weeks since I returned from my first trip to the clinic in Buburi. Here are the things I loved about my visit there:

  • Seeing how hard the dedicated staff work in sometimes difficult circumstances was inspiring
  • All the beautiful babies – dozens of them!
  • The kindness of all the staff, Community Based Organisation and Community Health Volunteers
  • Seeing my first birth – baby Twinstar born to mum Veronica
  • Talking to 14 year old Laura about her career ambitions and how she wants to start a project to help girls in Kenya
  • A  warm shower every morning, thanks to Kennedy, and a glass of red wine every night, thanks to Sallie.
  • Seeing the medical staff deliver life saving healthcare every day
  • The dignity of the patients who waited so patiently and quietly (even the children) to be treated
  • The hair raising piki piki rides
  • Speaking to 160 schoolgirls about how their lack of sanitary protection impacts their education

The trip reaffirmed how lucky we are in the UK to have the NHS and that where you live should not determine whether you live.

by Gilly

photo is of Twinstar and mum Veronica


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