UN World Humanitarian Day

19th August 2018

Photo is of Edward, our senior nurse/midwife on the porch of Buburi Community Clinic

When we usually think of the word humanitarian it’s often in relation to humanitarian aid that’s given in response to some disaster, either natural or man-made. In fact a humanitarian is defined as someone who is involved with improving peoples lives and reducing suffering. This is what we try to do at Friends of Buburi. We’re fortunate that in the UK we live in a country that has a ‘free at point of contact’ comprehensive healthcare system and although we may complain that it isn’t as effective as it could be, never the less it is there at some of the best and worst times in our lives.

In Buburi there is no free comprehensive care. The government is trying to improve health services but it will take time. At Friends of Buburi we believe that subsidising good quality healthcare is an effective way of helping the community develop resilience and we do this through the Buburi Community Clinic. This now offers maternity care, safe baby delivery, child immunisation, family planning, medical services, in patient facilities for some really sick patients, HIV diagnosis and on going treatment with peer support. We also have a laboratory service, a pharmacy, a kitchen and a team of community health volunteers who know their communities and offer health advice. It all provides the best healthcare locally and the community are very appreciative.

At Friends of Buburi we are planning for the future by providing on going support to the CBO (community based organisation) to enable them to take on more management roles with the eventual aim that they will take complete responsibility for the running of the clinic.

By providing funding for the healthcare work undertaken at the clinic we know that we are improving peoples lives and reducing suffering so we’d like to believe that we truly are a humanitarian organisation.

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