International Youth Day 2020

11th August 2020

There are 1.8 billion young people (10-24 years old) in the world and the majority live in developing countries.

The theme for this years International Youth Day is Youth Engagement for Global Action. The United Nations has  political change in mind, but looking within communities both in Kenya and the UK young people are working hard to bring about change with regard to women’s and girls health.

The Friends of Buburi Power Of Pads project has the ability to help make an impact on this situation and support young women.

The UN theme last year highlighted efforts to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth, including efforts by youth themselves to  “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. We are reminded how important this is for schoolgirls in Kenya as too many girls are still missing out on education because of the challenges of the monthly menstrual cycle with no suitable hygiene products.

Our first grant has been given to a headteacher who is involving girls in her school, making pads for themselves and others and some which we will buy in order to distribute them freely to those in need. These young women are also gaining a new skill for life which will enable them to join the workforce.

Not only is investing in girls and young women a human rights imperative, but it is the smartest investment any country can make. ( 2020)

There could not be a better way to address this than empowering and supporting young women through the POP initiative to enable them freedom to pursue an education and a future.

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