Human Rights Day 2020

10th December 2020

This year’s Human Rights Day focuses on our recovery from the pandemic and how human rights must be at the centre of our post Covid world. It was reassuring to see that most of the measures outlined by the UN to close inequality gaps and advance human rights are all points we are working towards at Friends of Buburi. We’re aiming to address inequalities, by providing girls with sanitary pads so they can go to school every day like their male peers; we’re encouraging participation and solidarity by supporting women with seed funding for small businesses so they can make an income and provide for their families and communities; we’re promoting sustainable development by supporting the making of reusable washable sanitary pads thus helping the environment and local economy. Of course, we can only do a very small amount and there is still so much to do but with your help we can still make a big difference to girls’ and womens’ lives.

Image credit: Frontline Defenders




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