World Day of Social Justice

18th February 2021

On World Day of Social Justice, 20th February 2021, let us think about how we can all help girls and women in Kenya reach their highest potential and change general perceptions of what girls can achieve. 

The United Nations recognise the unique position of girls being discriminated against simply for being young and female and say social justice cannot be attained in the absence of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms. 

Girls’ education has been proven to be one of the most beneficial strategies to enhance development and economic growth. Educated mothers tend to have healthier children and these children are also more likely to attend school, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. However, obstacles get in the way of young girls accessing education. Poverty, ignorance and male preference factor, but mostly, the simple fact of monthly periods and a lack of sanitary protection disadvantage young girls and massively affect their educational development and future choices in life.

The Power of Pads project wants to play a part in giving young girls their freedom to be educated and have a more positive future. We can all be part of this move to make a difference. 

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