World Water Day 2021

22nd March 2021

What does water mean to you? Just imagine you are a girl or woman in rural Kenya and you have no or limited access to water and you are on your period. The risk of infection and disease by inadequate bathroom and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities is really high and it’s unsafe too. Toilets that don’t lock, a lack of privacy, no period products, no water to wash – think how frightening and embarrassing that would be. Girls are then forced to stay at home and miss school and of course they become very disadvantaged. 

In Kenya 76% of women and girls face challenges in gaining access to adequate water and sanitation facilities for menstruation and only 17.5 % of schools (much higher in poor rural areas) have running water near the toilets, as well as hand washing facilities and soap. On this World Water Day let’s support these girls and women – they deserve clean water, period products and the dignity and life opportunities these can provide. 

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