Remembering Power of Pads in your Will

9th September 2021

Nobody likes to think too closely about what will happen in our final days; it is an uncomfortable and emotive subject for many people. That being said, ensuring that you have created a valid, up-to-date Will is your opportunity to set out what you want to happen to you, and to your estate, following your death. This can be a great source of comfort and direction for loved ones dealing with your affairs after you are gone. It is also a chance to leave a final gift to the people, organisations and charities that you valued and supported during your lifetime.

If you were to leave a gift to Power of Pads (POP) in your Will, this would permit us to continue our work combatting period poverty in rural Kenya. We support this goal in three ways: by providing start-up funding to micro enterprises run by women on the ground in Kenya making and selling affordable and reusable sanitary pads; by purchasing sanitary pads from those micro enterprises to assist with the development of a valuable product and a local market; and by distributing those sanitary pads which we have purchased to local schoolgirls to enable them to continue their education whilst on their periods. Any donation you make would be invaluable. By way of example, a donation of £700 would enable us to provide full start-up funding to two new micro-enterprises!

Remember a Charity ( and the Free Wills Network ( both offer you the opportunity to speak to a qualified lawyer for assistance in preparing and/or updating a simple Will free of charge. And, having left treasured gifts to your loved ones, you may also choose to remember a charity (such as POP) that means a lot to you. It is easy to do and any gift that you make will ensure that you can continue to support a cause you believe in after you go.

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