International Day of Rural Women

15th October 2021

On this International Day of Rural Women we’re recognising the importance of rural women, especially in Kenya, to lead and participate in programmes that will affect their lives. At Power Of Pads we are pleased to be able to support two groups of rural women, by providing them with sewing machines, materials and the training to start pad making initiatives. There has been a very positive response as this support is usually concentrated on urban areas but we know that for rural women, training equips them with the skills to pursue new livelihoods and be able to provide and sustain their families, their wellbeing and communities. 

Yet we know that there is an inequality of power between men and women in the household and society, discriminatory practices, violence against women and girls, and they have to do more unpaid caring and domestic work. Those who continue to live in unacceptable conditions of poverty are heavily concentrated in rural areas compared to those who live in urban areas. 

It’s important that we recognise the potential and abilities of rural women and support and equip them to find a way out of poverty. 

Photo of women’s group in Kakamega County, Western Kenya

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