Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022

28th May 2022

On Menstrual Hygiene Day we want everyone to be talking about periods, not just us! We want to tackle the stigma of periods and raise awareness of how important an issue it is for girls and women around the world. So many girls don’t have access to period products or safe and hygienic places in which to use them. They also don’t have the knowledge about menstruation that they need, and this lack of education means they feel shame and can’t manage their periods well.

We know through our pad projects the positive impact that access to pads can have. It means girls can go to school and receive the education they deserve and local women who are making the pads have a job and income. 

50% of the global population will menstruate at some point during their lives and it’s time that this is recognised as a normal fact of life and no-one is disadvantaged by it. So let’s keep talking about periods and support those girls and women who need our help. 

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