World Population Day 2022

11th July 2022

On this World Population Day, we highlight the basic human right for every woman to be able to have access to family planning services. It’s hugely disappointing that this is not the case for millions of women around the world. 

For parents to be able to decide on the number and spacing of their children is essential to ensure we have healthy children that have enough food and can obtain an education. We know that having access to safe and effective family planning should also be a voluntary choice, giving women autonomy over their own bodies and the right to decide what is best for them, their families and their futures.

This reproductive right starts with having education about menstruation, understanding the bodily changes that happen, having access to good period products every month and therefore being able to go to school. 

We know that by giving girls reusable pads, we’re offering them the opportunity to have control over their own bodies and futures and this has to be a good thing for them and for the planet.


image:” Population vector created by freepik –

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