International Youth Day 2022

12th August 2022

On #InternationalYouthDay, we’re celebrating the sixth of the population that are age 15-24 and highlighting that two thirds of them in developing countries are still not able to fulfil their economic potential. Young people experience age related barriers across many aspects of their lives including health and education. Ageism combined with sexism means that many girls and young women are particularly disadvantaged. 

In this #IYD, we welcome the UN focus on intergenerational solidarity, recognising that people of all ages need to work together and will benefit from supporting our youth. In our community led projects, women are making and distributing free pads to schoolgirls.  These women recognise that their girls need to be in school, receive an education and have job opportunities to reach their potential and contribute to society. This ultimately benefits all ages and genders. 

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