World Humanitarian Day 2022

19th August 2022

The saying goes that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and so it often takes a village or community to help others in that community who are in need. On this #WorldHumanitarianDay we’re celebrating this collective endeavour and especially the great work being done by local women in some of the poorest communities in Kenya, that make and deliver period pads to girls in need. But this can only be achieved with help and financial support from our UK community of donors and volunteers who step up and deliver what they can to help. So thank you!

Within some of the poor rural areas of Kenya where good quality healthcare is scarce, girls and women suffer from limited access to sexual and reproductive health services. These problems often means girls are ashamed of their periods and don’t have period products. This in turn can lead to the disempowering of girls and women, with damaging consequences to their life chances, not just for them but for their children too.

With our efforts to support the making of reusable washable sanitary pads plus the work of those women in the community, we are aiming to help both the girls and the local economy.  With your financial support, we will make a positive difference to girls’ and women’s lives.

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