Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023

28th May 2023

On this Menstrual Hygiene Day, we must acknowledge the millions of girls around the world who cannot access period products. At Power Of Pads #WeAreCommitted to providing free pads to the most needy girls in rural Kenya. We know that girls are still stigmatised and discriminated against because they menstruate and this can have a life changing impact on their future. They’re prevented from accessing education, earning an income and being able to fully participate in everyday life. 

So we work with our partners in Kenya to 

  • break the taboos around menstruation and educate girls on period health. 
  • provide free washable pads to girls 
  • support local women to produce the pads and learn new skills 

Our projects are successful as they help girls to understand menstrual health and hygiene and to have some dignity and bodily autonomy; girls can go to school every day and not just when they don’t have a period, thus increasing their learning and life opportunities and local women can use their new skills and knowledge for income generating projects. 

#WeAreCommitted to keep talking about periods and support those girls and women who need our help. 

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