World Humanitarian Day 2023

19th August 2023

On this year’s #WorldHumanitarianDay, #PowerOfPads, is honouring the incredible people we’re working with in rural Kenya. They are endeavouring to support girls and women in their local communities with access to period products, #menstrualhealth education and skills. They are doing this in often very challenging situations, where extreme poverty is a way of life, food is scarce, and access to clean water is not a given. Add to this, the unsafe environments for many girls – abuse, child marriage and early pregnancy and it’s clear that life can be dangerous. Our partners in Kenya are working hard to ensure that girls have period products so they can continue to be in school, gain knowledge about their bodies and periods, and build confidence. This leads to more and better life options and can be life changing. 

We celebrate humanitarians around the world who strive to meet ever growing global needs. They do this #NoMatterWhat the circumstances or challenges. Everyone is entitled to live in safety and dignity with the basics of life – food, water, shelter, education, health, nutrition and protection. 

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