Tanya’s Fundraiser is Miles Better

27th October 2023

Our wonderful friend, Tanya, is doing an amazing fundraiser for us. Please read her story and donate if you can here: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/search?SearchResults=true&SearchType=F&SearchTerm=tanya%20alford&SearchDonate=undefined&SearchFundraise=undefined
”Hello Friends – this year I am celebrating my 57th Birthday by walking 57 Miles in the next month to raise funds for this fabulous local charity.
Here’s why- in June I was fortunate enough to visit Kenya. I saw some wonderful things and had once in a lifetime experiences. However I also saw poverty and need wherever I went. I came home thinking what could I do to help and then a chance chat in the office one afternoon brought me to the Power Of Pads. Their mission is to supply reusable sanitary pads to women and girls in Kenya. They also support women to set up businesses making the pads to sell, helping them to support their families and communities and fight back against poverty and all its disadvantages. Many, many women and girls cannot afford pads – this means that for school age girls they miss school every month falling behind their fellow students. Even worse is that the girls can be sexually exploited to earn the money to buy sanitary products leading to trauma and unwanted pregnancies.
By providing reusable pads this cycle of poverty, exploitation and missed educational opportunity can be broken, once and for all.
This is my chance to help make a real difference and so I’m challenging myself to walk 57 miles of the South West coastal path in Devon. The terrain will be a mixture of easy walks but some very challenging, steep ascents and descents along our beautiful coastline. Of course the weather may also play it’s part but I love a challenge.
Please if you can donate and I know times aren’t easy right now, please do. No amount too small and definitely no amount is too big! Your money will make a huge difference to vulnerable women and girls, our sisters in Kenya.
Thank you so much.

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