World Toilet Day

19th November 2023

Do you have access to a flushing toilet? Indoors? I suspect most people in the UK could answer ‘yes’ to that question now, even though outside loos are within living memory for some. And the answer would be the same if I asked you about a tap with running water.
Sadly this is not the case for the girls in rural Kenya who we’d love to see more empowered. They may not have the luxury of either a toilet or running water at home or school. Managing their period is hard in these circumstances, especially for the first time. As a result, it is easy for them to drop out of school prematurely.
Providing re-usable period pads, made by local people with grants we give for equipment and materials, can build the confidence girls need to complete their education. Along with menstrual health education, the pads can actually help them avoid early marriage and pregnancy.
So next time you visit your toilet today, remember it is World Toilet Day. And perhaps you would also consider supporting Power Of Pads in this valuable work – it could change a girl’s life.

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