1st November 2017

Redempta is 51 years old and has six children living at home.  For a week she had a fluctuating temperature, felt hot, cold and weak with a persistent cough. She thought she had Malaria and had been taking Malaria medication bought over the counter, for three days. But she still wasn’t feeling any better. Malaria is rife in this part of Kenya with a 30% plus infection rate, compared to the national rate of 7%. So sadly it’s a common disease but it can be successfully treated with drugs. However, a regular problem is when people try to treat it at home: they take the medication for a couple of days and feel better so don’t continue with the rest of the course. The Malaria tends to recur and can become resistant to the drugs. In Isabela’s case, she had a blood test at the clinic lab for Malaria and Typhoid and it was found that she actually had Typhoid. She was prescribed antibiotics for 10 days with a further appointment in four, and she was expected to make a full recovery.

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