Our new maternity clinic is here

4th November 2016

After a long wait and high expectation from the community, the new Maternity clinic was completed in 2016. This dedicated unit will provide ante natal and post natal care as well as a private and spacious delivery room for mothers in labour, something so basic that it is taken for granted in the UK.

As we know most babies are born at night and in order to reduce the shocking numbers of mothers and babies who die in childbirth or soon after, the unit needs to be staffed at night.

Thanks to the Global Giving Challenge and the generosity of all of our supporters and donors throughout the year we are about to employ a night midwife to provide this service. We hope that every birth will now be a joyous occasion and not one fraught with fear and worry.

This means that mothers and babies in Buburi now have a fighting chance at life.

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