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4th November 2016

As many of you know, we took part in a crowd funding campaign in June this year. We had never done anything like this before, in fact our understanding of crowd funding was pretty hazy to say the least. However, fundraising is an ongoing necessity to continue the life saving work of the clinic and what a fantastic result we achieved – over £18000 and still counting!

We worked with Global Giving UK who gave us a lot of education and support, all online in the form of webinars. The training helped us to make contact with our network and communicate in a meaningful way to give us the best chance of being successful in the crowd funding challenge.

Our campaign took place mainly through Facebook and email and the challenge was to raise the most amount of money from the highest number of donors and was between about 20 different charities all doing amazing work in different areas. It was so exciting to see us doing so well and this excitement was conveyed to our donors who were stupendous in their generosity, not only financially but also in sharing our posts with friends and therefore spreading the message.

The aim was to provide funds for a specific goal, in our instance, to fund midwifery care to enable the clinic to provide 24 hour maternity care. We watched in awe as we climbed the leaderboard and came 2nd in the amount raised but 1st  in the number of donors, and this attracted a bonus payment from Global Giving of £1500. And we have now been given access to their worldwide platform of donors.

Although the challenge has finished, our campaign around maternity care continues and so it is still live on GlobalGiving

Our original aim was to raise £6000 but we’ve now raised over £18,000, way beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. Our learning curve has been huge and we know we must use this knowledge for the future campaigns but we won’t be bombarding all our friends and families again………… for a while anyway!

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