How we fundraise

11th September 2017

As a small charity, fundraising is a vital part of what we do. After all, we wouldn’t be able to support Buburi Clinic without it.

In the past year we have been spending a lot of time applying to grant giving organisations, with some success. We have also organised a range of fundraising activities including an open orchard, quiz nights, barn dance, lunches, cream teas, Christmas wreath making and lots of talks to groups such as Rotary, WI and church groups. Most of us are doing this alongside working in the NHS and trying to maintain some semblance of family life. But it’s worth it as we have raised thousand of pounds enabling us to continue to provide much needed medical staff and supplies.

Being innovative about fundraising can be quite challenging and we don’t want to just bombard the same people (you) all the time. So how about all of you getting involved? We know that other bigger charities have done this with tea and coffee mornings and this seems like a good and easy fundraising opportunity for people to hear about this small but perfectly formed charity (us)! Or perhaps you fancy running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or doing a skydive or any other scary things?

For those who prefer to let their fingers do the walking why not join The Giving Machine and nominate Friends of Buburi as your charity of choice. So every time you spend money online a % comes to us for free.

If you have any other fund raising ideas then please share them with us at

We are completely committed to supporting the clinic and we know that every penny we raise goes towards making a real difference. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. We wish to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Buburi and are very grateful that many of you wish to be part of that change too.

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