14 Years On and How Are We Doing?

28th January 2018

the photo is of the clinic in 2006

As the New Year begins we’re excited about what lies ahead for Friends of Buburi, Buburi clinic and the community they serve and we can also reflect on the humble beginnings and the incredible progress that’s been made to date.  Who would have thought that in 2003 when the clinic was built we would reach 2018 and learn that last year the clinical staff treated around 17,000 patients, delivered over 50 babies and saved many many lives.

2003 The clinic is built by volunteers and local builders.

2005 The clinic opens to patients offering the most basic facilities but staffed by volunteers.

2007 Sponsorship from a UK company, Carisbrooke Shipping, pays the first staff salaries.

2010 Friends of Buburi registers as a UK charity.

2011 A newly retired Registered nurse works at the clinic, enabling it to be licensed by the Kenya Medical Board. Community Health Volunteers start work and provide a link between the community and the clinic, helping to deliver health education and give support to families.

2012 The first Midwife is employed at the clinic enabling the start of antenatal care.

2013 Electricity is brought to the clinic and a small laboratory is established with an Olympus microscope donated by a UK Rotary club. The first Clinic Administrator is employed part time to oversee the running of the clinic and liaise with the Trustees.

2014  An 80m deep borehole is drilled giving clean water for the clinic, funded by The Kitchen Table Charity. A Social Fund is started to give the most vulnerable in the community clinic services without charge. A partnership is forged with Amua (Marie Stopes Intl) to provide comprehensive contraception services.

2015 HIV/AIDS counselling and testing service is started, reducing stigma and helping countless people. The Community Based Organisation is created to ensure future sustainability for Buburi clinic.

2016 A Global Giving crowdfunding campaign brings in the funds to equip and complete the Maternity Unit building. The childhood vaccination programme is started. The CBO is given some formalised training to equip them with the skills they need to manage the clinic in the future. The Gro Company pledges regular financial and product support.

2017 24hr Maternity Services start and now women can deliver their babies in safety under the care of experienced Midwives. A kitchen for patients and staff, disabled toilet and perimeter fence is built.

But of course none of these achievements could have been made without the huge financial and practical support from our generous individual and corporate donors and so we thank you.

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