What Your Donation Can Do

19th June 2020

A relatively small amount of money can be life changing in rural Kenya. By donating whatever you can afford, will really help us to provide grants of a few hundred pounds to women to start pad making businesses which in turn will help them to support their families. For example, a grant of £150 will buy a lot of material and tools that will be used to make over 1500 pads which will then be sold to local women for an affordable amount, and also include a profit. From this profit, the women will invest back into their business and also be able to take an income.

A grant of approx. £300 will be used by women to buy a heavy duty sewing machine. This will make the process of making the pads quick and easy and so make the business more profitable.

In addition to selling their pads to other women in their communities, we will buy some of their pads from them so we can give them to schoolgirls in need, for free.

So, you can see that your donation, whatever amount, will really make a difference in helping hundreds of girls and women. And you can be assured that 100% of donations goes directly towards our work with women and girls in Kenya.



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