Meet Our New Partner

10th February 2022

We are so pleased to welcome Simon Achieno, our new partner based in Kenya, who has been instrumental in developing our latest project and delivering the first batch of pads to girls in Kakamega County. He is a political and social scientist with a BA from the University of Nairobi and is committed to ‘improving my communities’ living standards through innovative solutions and available opportunities to make a significant difference’.

He was raised and obtained his elementary education in rural Western Kenya, and was aware of the low retention of girls in primary and secondary schools. He says ‘they lacked essential amenities such as sanitary products, which affected their studies. Today, many young girls and women still face similar challenges as a result of their socioeconomic status and thus are not able to realise their full potential’.

Simon is working in partnership with us, identifying womens’ groups that want to learn to sew and make pads for their communities, organising the resources needed and then confirming where the most needy girls are and delivering the pads. 

When he’s not so busy, in his free time he likes to walk, is a churchgoer and is in the church choir, where you’ll hear him every Sunday at 7pm!

We are very grateful to him for all his support and hard work. 

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