Free Pads are Changing Lives and Futures

18th April 2024

“I joined this project to help young girls who dropped out of school due to early pregnancies. I’m a young mother who went through this, I dropped out of school early. I’m proud of this project which I joined recently to help girls who may undergo what I went through.” said Josephine, a young mother of four children from Kakamega county, who is making pads in her local community. “I was unable to buy and found myself in this situation…I’m proud of this project… I sew the pads so I can help girls and even myself.”

We are very thankful to the local women who give their time to make period pads for local girls, and to hear the stories of why they do this work is very humbling. It’s also encouraging to hear about the impact that the free pads is having on girls’ lives. 

“Some of the girls were being lured into sex by young men in exchange for money to buy sanitary towels, and they ended up with early pregnancies”, added Jackline, who is in the same womens’ group. ‘I decided to join this project because young girls are suffering during menstruation period and they even miss out going to school due to lack of sanitary towels…..I thank, since the inception of the Power Of Pads project, that the percentage of early pregnancies, absenteetsm and being behind the syllabus has reduced and now the girls are doing well. Personally, I have benefited from the project because my daughters have benefited by receiving free sanitary towels without paying for it, and also, there is a time I received the towels to use.”

By giving free pads, we are making a difference not only to the lives of girls, but the women also. And of course we really need your help to continue this work, so please donate what you can – we really appreciate it.


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